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Taron Egerton On Playing Robin Hood - At Showcase Now!

Published Date: 20/11/2018

 Taron Egerton speaks about playing Robin of Loxley, a war-hardened Crusader, who mounts an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in the thrilling action-packed adventure Robin Hood.


A new Robin Hood


"There is nothing period or traditional about this movie and that’s what drew me in, because it’s not the Robin Hood we’ve all seen before. Our wish was to go beyond that and create something that feels very contemporary. The film we made zips along at an incredible pace and is so entertaining...there’s a cool buddy relationship, an element of romance and lots of death-defying action sequences.”


A boyhood dream


"Robin Hood is one of two characters that I had a costume for as a kid - Robin Hood and Superman. I’d jump from sofa to sofa and pretend I was flying and I did that as Robin Hood, as well. I had the little plastic bow and the costume. I always liked him. There’s an idea people have always connected with in Robin Hood: that there can be a noble renegade who acts selflessly for the good of others, which is something I connected with.”


A battle-worn veteran


"This isn’t men in tights romping through Sherwood Forest. Robin comes back from the battlefield in Syria in emotional distress and detached from his previous life, which no longer holds meaning for him. He finds a Nottingham he no longer recognises, one full of appalling inequality and injustice. He tries to remain dispassionate in his solitude, but ultimately his conscience won’t allow him to ignore what he sees going on around him.”


A grittier Robin Hood


“I like this Robin because there’s such grit and a determination to him. He's a lord, but he’s not a pampered lord. He doesn’t surround himself with servants. He’s very hands-on. He really subscribes in the beginning to the idea of fighting a noble war. It’s only later that he realises the whole thing was something of a racket so that the people at the top could keep lining their pockets.”


A master of disguise


“At first, The Hood is a just a disguise through which Robin can hide from who he is. As he merges into this avenging, dark, enigmatic force within Nottingham, he realises The Hood is part of his own being.”


A buddy movie


“What I absolutely love about the relationship with Robin and John (played by Jamie Foxx) is that we start with Robin treating John as an enemy Moor with great disdain. Yet, through their bond, Robin begins to see the error of his viewpoint. Robin starts off cocky, self-loathing and misguided and John channels all those feelings into something constructive. It's a great relationship, because it has real heart. In one sense, there's a kind of father-son thing that develops but it’s also two soldiers, brothers-in-arms, realising that they have a bigger idea to fight for. Then, it also just very fun, very witty, and gave me and Jamie the freedom to really play with these characters.”


Hitting it off with Jamie Foxx


“I always felt instinctively that our styles of performance might work well together. Jamie likes to improvise and play with dialogue and that is something that I quite like to do, as well. Training with him? He's in insane shape. He can crank out 20 chin-ups without even breaking a sweat. Robin’s training with John cements their relationship. They’re mistrustful of each other because they’ve been raised to hate each other's kind, but in the course of John mentoring Robin to be the fastest archer in Nottingham, they realise they have lots more in common than they think.”


A mentor


“John teaches him his own style of archery: dexterous, quick and light-footed, something the Moors have mastered. It allows him to become a kind of undetectable ghost in Nottingham. What Robin does is not easy to do, as I discovered training for the role."



Robin Hood is Now Showing at Showcase!