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Published Date: 24/03/2023

Keanu Reeves on what to expect from John Wick: Chapter 4

With the release of John Wick: Chapter 4, we got the inside scoop from John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves as to what we can expect from the latest thrilling film in the franchise.

We know that nobody is more committed than Reeves and this was borne out by stunt coordinator Scott Rogers who trained the actor and had this to say about his willing student. "As an action star, Keanu is the best fighter I’ve seen in my career. He can also jump, drive and use guns better than many stunt performers, so he's really impressive."

Let's hear what the man himself has to say about John Wick: Chapter 4

Keanu Reeves...

On what to expect: "The story takes us out of New York City, where most of the previous films were set, and travels to Jordan, Japan, Berlin, and Paris. It has a look and scale unlike any we’ve seen before. There are no less than 14 major action sequences, including a wild and epic chase through the streets of Paris. In John Wick’s fighting style, you experience his effort, commitment, and will. I love his never-give-up attitude; its style seems desperate and capable.

"We really expand the world-building of previous John Wick films, with a lot of fun and unexpected developments and characters. We also have new levels of the John Wick action and new weapons. And muscle cars are back!

"In Chapter 4, we wanted to flip the paradigm of Wick on the run and have him go after The High Table. It’s the story of John deciding that he’s not going to run away anymore. Instead, he runs at the Table, which really puts an exclamation point on why people fear John Wick.”


On working with director Chad Stahelski: “It’s been a pleasure working with Chad and our teams in coming up with new ideas and worlds. Chad has always believed that we should explore The High Table – you never see its members, but we envisioned them as a secret society, like the Masons or the Illuminati."

"Working with this core team of creatives who have been responsible for the visionary look and world building of the John Wick films has been such an honour. Working with Chad on that vision, plus the story and action, has been a pleasure. His take on the way that action and dramatic storytelling must go hand in hand, is my taste, and it's been great to have a creative collaborator to put me in dramatic positions and action situations, where we had to come up with new terms, like gun-fu, and car-fu, just to describe them. We’ve created a wonderful playground to explore what you can do with this character. Over the course of these chapters, we’ve been able to continue to surprise and to world-build and innovate with John Wick.”


On perfecting his martial arts skills with Dave Camarillo: “Dave is a legendary judoka and jujitsu, works with American Kickboxing Academy, has been on teams with champions, and also instructs the military. He took me back to the basics and elevated them not only with skills but intention. I’m so grateful for that.”

On co-star Laurence Fishburne: "He is a safe harbour; he’s been a mentor to me since we worked together on The Matrix.”


John Wick: Chapter 4 is at Showcase now - book tickets here