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baby cinema

New films with your newbies

Join us each Monday and Thursday at opening to experience the latest films in an environment comfortable for your baby, whilst giving you the cinematic experience you deserve.

Tickets from £5.99* for Insider members (per parent/guardian and baby) 
*Bluewater from £7.99

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Autism Friendly Screenings

What makes baby cinema baby friendly?

In order to create the perfect baby friendly environment, we have made the following adjustments:

- Soft lighting levels

- Lowered film volume

- A dedicated area for prams

- Free movement around the auditorium


Please note that films are subject to change. Please ask at the cinema box office for further details and full information. All tickets £5.50 for Insider members / £5.99 for non-Insider members (£7.99 at Bluewater) per parent and baby and are available at the box office and online. Additional tickets £5.99. Additional charges apply for premium formats and seating. 

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