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Wonder - Book Club Reviews

Published Date: 13/11/2017

R J Palacio's funny, bold and engaging book wowed readers across the globe and this Thursday is our Baby Picture film. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to enjoy the latest films in a convenient and baby friendly environment.

The emotional tale of ten year old August became a New York Times bestseller, a huge achievement for a debut novel, and with the book adaptation on the Showcase screens we asked the Explorer Girls Book Club (and their mums!) to attend a recent preview in London to gauge their thoughts on how the uplifting Wonder has been transferred to the screen and to reveal how suitable it is as a family film.

"My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse."

The Explorer Girl Book Club

Wonder, wow it's definitely wonderful!! Jacob is the best at playing Auggie Pullman! Wonder tells the story of a young boy who has facial differences who is just about to start school where he encounters bullying and build friendships. I loved the film and also the book, which I read in two days! Warning you will need plenty of tissues at the cinema!

Amy - aged 13

Wonder was a great film to watch, it really teaches us not to judge others by their looks and appearance, what is important is what is inside, our personality and kindness. Even though August had a different face to other people, there's no right to judge him. He is a sweet boy who cares and loves his family and his dog Daisy. Having Julian upset Auggie by judging him by his looks is not right and no one should laugh about it

Bonnie - aged 11

As I got the train to London, all excited for the big night, I wondered what the film of Wonder was going to be like. I watched the film with my book club, as we had all previously read the book and discussed it. As I watched the film tears sprang to my eyes so many times! It was funny and heart touching at the same time! My favourite character in it was Via (Olivia) because she never complained about her life or asked for help, she just understood that her parents had enough to deal with and it would really help them if she just kept smiling. I also loved how Via threw herself into the drama and acting for the show although she wasn’t too sure at first.

I really felt for Auggie because he had to start his school life and possibly get bullied. It may sound crazy but I also felt really sorry for Julian as he clearly got his naughtiness from his family as they made him leave the school even though he really didn’t want to.

I really enjoyed the film and would highly recommend it for all ages.
5 stars.


Ebony - aged 11

Hello, my name is Evie and I am just an ordinary 11-year-old that loves being taken on magical adventures. I had already read the book so was excited to see how it would be turned into a film. Wonder the film was brilliant because it made you think that you shouldn’t judge a person by how they look. Also it made me feel like I should be proud of who I am. It was such a good film that I didn’t want it to end! I would definitely give it five stars and it was by far my favourite film I’ve ever watched!

Evie - aged 11

I thought Wonder was a really good film, which is suitable for all ages. It made me think that when I moan about the little things I need to think about Auggie’s situation. Everyone should treat people the way they wish to be treated and this film made me remember that. Wonder is a film that should be shown in all schools so that children can understand that everyone needs friends and looking out for. I give this film a 9.5 out of 10.

Freya - aged 11.

The film "Wonder" was magical and I recommend that everyone should go and see it. I loved how the film was true to the book, and showed how the different characters viewed Auggie. Everyone should see the film because we all should be treated the same, no matter what our weakness are - don't judge a book by its cover and always #choosekind.

Grace - aged 11

Before watching the film, I had read R J Palacio’s book and thoroughly enjoyed it! I read it with my book club, who joined me for the preview of the film adaptation and we were all so excited to see the movie; and we were not disappointed! As with the book the film was like nothing I had ever seen before - the storyline is so unique; I cried reading the book and even more watching the movie, it was so moving!

Personally I have never met anyone like August but if I did I would always #choosekind !

Lara - aged 11

The Explorer Girls all adored the book and equally loved the film. It really helped me to see situations not only from the one who is getting bullied but also from the bully’s perspective. It was incredible how the director put it all together and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience!

Mila - aged 11

From the moment I saw the trailer I automatically knew I needed to see this film. Whilst reading the book I was amazed how brilliant it was and I was also amazed how emotional it was; which gave a wonder-ful effect to the film. I also loved how much of it stayed the same to the book. All in all I loved the film and would definitely watch it again.

Zoe - aged 11

Wonder is out now.


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