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Justice League

Published Date: 16/11/2017


Batman and Wonder Woman bring together Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash to form the Justice League to fight in defence of mankind!

 For the first ever Justice League, Warner Bros. Pictures bring together the famed DC Super Heroes  Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

 This concept certainly proved exciting for director Zack Snyder. "Just the idea of getting the Justice League together on the same playing field, taking their place in the cinematic landscape as a team and embarking on an amazing adventure…the mere concept of it was awe-inspiring. ”

 To form the League, the story takes us to the ends of the Earth and beyond: from a gritty Gotham to Central City, the populous Paris to the frozen wilds of Iceland, from Themyscira to Atlantis, and from buzzing Metropolis to the serenity of Smallville.  If Bruce and Diana can succeed in recruiting the others for this larger-than-life battle in which all their worlds are at stake, they will come together as the greatest team of Super Heroes in the DC universe

 Ben Affleck suits up for his third turn as the character who serves as a bridge, the actor believes, between humans and metahumans.  Now, Batman will have to build a bridge between heroes - himself included. “Batman still really resonates because on the one hand he’s a Super Hero, but on the other hand he is just like us,” Affleck states.  “He feels vulnerable; he bleeds if you cut him.  He is a real person on the inside and yet he is ‘super.’  There are all kinds of contradictions inherent in that, which makes for interesting storytelling.” The Batman comics, he continues, “are mystery stories at their root.  Mysteries of the self, of character and identity, as well as the mystery that man is, and always will remain, to a certain extent, to himself.”

 Gal Gadot, who had barely finished filming Wonder Womanwhen she started Justice League, found it easy to slip back into character, but she was nevertheless unprepared for the joy of seeing the 'League' come together. “Wearing my costume felt like the most normal thing because I had been doing it for six months before,” Gadot states.  “But seeing everyone else wearing their own costumes was wonderful.  I remember the first three days, I kept looking at all the guys and me in costume, and I just kept laughing because it felt so surreal.  So many Super Heroes, standing together.  It was really great to be shooting this movie.”

 Before the team comes together, they have to be found.  All that Bruce knows of most of their various whereabouts is what he confiscated from the LexCorp files and the dossiers Amanda Waller gave him.

 Playing The Flash, Ezra Miller certainly felt the weight of joining the 'League' when he stepped onto the set among the other Super Heroes.  “It was that feeling when you look at someone you know, at real people, but you suddenly see an Alex Ross painting in front of you.  And you’re in it, too!” he exclaims.

 And bringing the Cyborg to life, Miller's his co-star Ray Fisher felt like a kid again when he stood among the rest of the League members on set.  “The day we were all up on this wall, together for the first time, it was like watching my eight-year-old self’s dreams come true.  When I watched the playback of this beautifully sophisticated camera movement that Zack choreographed, I almost shed a tear.  I held it together pretty good, though!” he laughs.

 Zack Snyder cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman, feeling that he embodied the spirit and heart of the character. Snyder did not want to cast a hero "with a lot of polish, and Jason’s got that little bit of rock n’ roll that makes Aquaman relatable and cool, but at the same time, like all DC supers, aspirational.”

 So it certainly looks as though Snyder and Warner. Bros have the perfect team in place to help defeat any threat coming our way here on planet earth!


Be sure and catch it on the big screen when it opens at Showcase on November 16


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