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The Moon Thieves (Cantonese)1515

RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

There are currently no times available for this film. Please check back later.

The Moon Thieves (Cantonese) Poster
CAST: Anson Lo, Edan Lui, Keung To, Michael Ning
DIRECTOR: Yuen Kim Wai
RUN TIME: 1 hour 48 minutes
RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

Loi Bo Watch Company, Hong Kong's esteemed watch boutique, conceals a thrilling secret—it serves as the epicentre for stolen timepieces. Under the icy command of Uncle (Keung To), a fearless crew assembles: an audacious thief (Louis Cheung), explosive specialist (Michael Ning), lock-picking prodigy (Anson Lo), and watch connoisseur (Edan Lui). Their target? Tokyo, where they plan to heist three ultra-luxury watches. In the cloak of shadows, their mission takes an electrifying twist as they chance upon the 'Moonwatch,' the iconic timepiece that once graced the lunar surface. A spontaneous decision triggers a relentless pursuit by the henchmen of a furious Japanese tycoon. Racing against exposure, the team unites, navigating the chaos to safeguard their very lives. Will they triumph in this pulse-pounding escapade? 


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