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Sreenings exclusive to Showcase Cinema de Lux: Bristol, Coventry, Leicester, Paisley, Peterborough, Reading, Nottingham and Southampton.   


Asian cinema has a rich, daring and vibrant history. Think Asian cinema and immediately you think of distinctive genres such as Hong Kong action, martial arts and gangster.

Think Asian classic cinema and you’ll be hard pressed not to think of these four absolute fire crackers, four stone-wall classics to kick-off our Flashback to the Orient season. 

Just for some fun film trivia, we give you the facts and figures behind: Battle Royale (2000); Oldboy (2003); Enter the Dragon (1973) and Audition (1999).


Audition (1999)

A demonic femme fatale tortures her male would-be oppressor.

  • If you have yet to see Audition our top tip is to not read any spoilers – this is spoiler free! –it is such a unique film
  • Audition is the first major Japanese horror film to become a worldwide hit
  • Prolific director Takasshi Miike took three weeks to shoot Audition, a week longer than it usually took him to direct most of his hundred plus films
  • The film is based on the novel by Ryu Murakami
  • The film has influenced filmmakers such as Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and John Landis



Enter the Dragon (1973)     

A secret agent comes to an opium lord's island fortress with other fighters for a martial-arts tournament.

  • Enter the Dragon star Bruce Lee taught martial arts to Hollywood stars such as Steve McQueen, before his film breakthrough
  • Originally called Blood and Steel, it was Bruce Lee’s wish that the film instead be called Enter the Dragon
  • Made for a paltry $850,000, the film went on to gross an estimated $350 million
  • Born in San Francisco, California, Lee’s Chinese name is Li Jun Fan
  • Lee died, aged just 32, on July 20, 1973, a month before the film was widely released, and just over a week before its premiere in Hong Kong. He only ever saw a preview in the company of director, Robert Clouse



Seven Samurai (1954)

Screenings exclusive to Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol 

Akira Kurosawa’s classic, Seven Samurai tells the story of a village of farmers who hire seven Ronin (master Samurai) to fight of a group of bandit's intent on stealing their harvest.

  • Upon seeing the Seven Samurai, American director John Sturges knew that he had found his next film. Transferring the story to the Old West, his adaptation became one of the greatest westerns of all time – The Magnificent Seven (1960).
  • The iconic final battle scene was meant to be shot at the end of the summer, however because the film ran over scheduled (and budget) it was shot in a freezing February. Star Toshiro Mifune said that he had never been so cold in his life.
  • At the time of its release it was the most expensive Japanese film ever made.
  • The Seven Samurai won the Silver Lion at the 1954 Venice Film Festival
  • It was voted the 3rd best film of all time in the Sight and Sound poll and number one in the Empire Magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest World Films of All Time.
  • It is a perfect 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



Oldboy (2003)

(Not playing at Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough and Reading)

Released after fifteen years in captivity, Oh Dae-su only has five days to find his captor.

  • Star, Choi Min-Sik trained for six weeks to get into shape to play Oh Dae-su
  • Co-star Yoo Ji-tae learned yoga for his role
  • There is a fourteen-year age difference between the two co-stars, despite supposedly being the same age. This was intentional to show how Dae-su had aged during his kidnapping
  • Director Park Chan-Wook based the film on the Japanese Manga Oldboy
  • The corridor fight scene was one continuous take, shot over three days