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Independence Day: Resurgence

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The aliens return and only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

It may have been 20 years since the first invasion, but we always knew they were coming back! We were excited to attend a screening of the film in 3D last and we can say that it's cracking !

Director Ronald Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, White House Down) reunites with co-writer and producer Dean Devlin for a return to a universe they created more than two decades ago. Independence Day: Resurgence marks Emmerich’s first sequel. “This world is very special to me, and I wanted to do right by it and the characters. Enough time has passed that it all felt fresh to me.”    

We, like millions worldwide, were huge fans of Independence Day, so Roland Emmerich returning to the world of marauding extraterrestrials is welcomed enthusiastically here at Showcase. Also returning to fight the good fight against the alien invaders is Jeff Goldblum. His character David Levinson, scientist and eventual world saviour, was one of the many highlights of the 1996 original. He sounded excited to explore the character again: “David Levinson is complex.  He’s a wildly romantic person with an abiding love for the planet and for all living things. Most of all, he’s humble and curious. So all these things come into play as he receives jaw-dropping, life-changing, species-changing information about where we are and who else is out there and what could happen to us.”

Perhaps one of the most memorable speeches in cinematic history was given by U.S. President Thomas J. Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman, in Independence Day. However the intervening twenty years have not been kind to the former President as the aliens have invaded his brain. Pullman explains further, “Whitmore has been exposed, in an unfiltered way, to the entire consciousness of the alien fleet,” Pullman explains. “It’s like a shockwave to his brain. But he’s still a hero to the world, even though he’s been sequestered off by his daughter Patricia and a close circle of associates, because Whitmore is convinced, through his visions and intuitions, that the aliens are coming back - and no one believes him.”

Journeying with Whitmore into the dark premonitions of the aliens’ plans for Earth sounds like another great layer added by Emmerich and Devlin.

Adding to the fun is a new face but one we will recognise! Joining the resistance is Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison, a hotshot heroic fighter pilot of alien-human hybrid jets. The original film was a firm favourite of the Hollywood star and he jumped at the chance of joining the cast of Independence Day: Resurgence. “Battling an alien invasion fleet in this film was a dream come true for me,” says the actor.  

Hemsworth particularly enjoyed exploring the character’s motivations to be at the frontline of this new battle against the aliens. “Jake’s parents were killed during the war of 1996, so he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder in this fight.”

The chip on Jake’s shoulder impacts his behaviour with authority. Hemsworth elaborates: “Jake can be a little outspoken, because he's always been the underdog who had to fight for every scrap.   As a result of growing up as an orphan, Jake became resentful and jealous of other people's positions.”

Also joining the fight against the invasion are William Fichtner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Judd Hirsch, Maika Monroe and Vivica Fox. An impressive cast for one of the big films of the summer.

Independence Day: Resurgence is released at Showcase Cinemas June 23 in 2D, 3DIMAX 3D and a special Double Feature.

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